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Toys Made in Canada & the USA

As the name suggests, we're a proud Canadian toy store. There are a heap of great playthings made close to home, and we've made it our mission to find them! Here we've pulled together a special collection of Toys Made in Canada and the USA (Goose does fly south after all).


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   DIY Stuffed Animal Kit | Cate & Levi              Magnet Express Maze | Anatex                  Ogres & Monsters | Bloco Toys








And there's more! Below is the full list of Goose and toy brands that are Made in Canada and Made in the USA. You can also identify individual items by watching out for the flag icons on product descriptions. This unique group of high quality educational and active toys is constantly growing as more and more parents and grandparents choose to buy North American made toys for the kids in their lives. So be sure to check back often, or sign up to get an email when new stuff arrives.

Toys made in Canada. Toys made in the USA.


Toys Made in Canada   
Toys Made in the USA

Bloco Toys | Cate & Levi | Cascades | Cici Art Factory

Diabolo Puppets | Fancy Pants Kids | Inukshuk In A Sack

Millside Wagons | Oblo | Roylco | Thorpe Toys

Anatex | Beka |Coveside | Jonti-Craft | Little Colorado

Newco Kids | Pueri Elemental | Spring Swings | Super Spinner

Superfly Kids | Water Blaster

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